Get golf ready for adults


What is Get Golf Ready?

 Get Golf Ready is a series of (five) 90 minute clinics meeting weekly designed to get everyone comfortable with playing the game of golf by covering all aspects of the game. It is a wildly successful program developed by the PGA to help get people familiar with golf. The programs are recommended for beginners as well as advanced players. Instruction led by PGA Master Professional Boykin Powers.  

Weekly Schedule:

  •    Introduction and Putting Fundamentals
  •    Pitching and Chipping Fundamentals
  •    Irons and Full Swing
  •    Driving and Full Swing
  •    Playing the Holes 

Get Golf Ready Early     $79

Tuesdays                April 2nd - April 30th          10:30-12:00

 Get Golf Ready     $99

Wednesdays          March 27th - April 24th                    6:00-7:30PM          

Tuesdays                  April 23rd - May 21st                         6:00-7:30PM

SuperSpeed Golf Clinics


Increase your Club head Speed!

Join over 350 Top Touring Professionals currently using the SuperSpeed Golf Training System.

6 Week Program

6 Weeks – meets for 45-60 minutes each week - Cost: $125 

Training Protocol

The clinic cost will include all materials needed, including range balls, use of the TrackMan radar, you will also be loaned 1 set of SuperSpeed Golf Training Clubs. SuperSpeed Training clubs retail for $199, so you will get to use these tools without having to purchase them.


Participants will need to sign up in advance so that we can insure you have a spot, and that we have the appropriate SuperSpeed Training Clubs available. There are different training clubs for Men, Ladies and Seniors as well as juniors. 

Each week will start out with 10 minutes of dynamic warmup of simple stretches to loosen up and get ready to perform.

You will then take some swings with the Driver and we will get a baseline club head speed.

Then we will go through the SuperSpeed Training protocol.

For optimal results, participants should go through the training 2 more times that week on their own, taking a day off in between the sessions before next week. You are allowed to take a set training clubs home to do this.

We take down speeds of the training clubs, and then we hit driver again and get of club head speeds after the training.

All this is repeated in weeks 2-6, on week 6 we go over all the information and see how much the program increased our club head speed, see who increased their speed the most.

Upcoming Sessions

                                                    Dates                                           Time                       Registration Deadline

Thursdays              April 4th - May 9th                10:30--11:30AM            March 29th 

Can SuperSpeed Training work for You?

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