Why Should I Use Trackman


Exact Yardages

 Knowing how far you hit each club is uber important. It is hard to disagree with that.  even more so with the wedges at different yardages to achieve great scoring. Good players know what 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 yards feels like and can hit these shot on demand with a variety of spins and trajectories. 

Improve Your Driver Distance

This is something just about everyone wants to do, but most think it takes more clubhead speed.  I would say that is true for about 10% of golfers. Hitting down on the ball with your driver is a huge distance killer and most golfers do it.  There is a limit to how high the tee is and you should use it to your advantage, but you can't tee it up high if you don't hit up on it.  a difference of angle of attack from 5 degrees down to 3 degrees up can give 20-30 more yards with the same clubhead speed. 

The TrackMan Combine Test

The ultimate benchmark for your game.   It will easily show weakness and strengths in your short to long game. The pressure or tournament feel comes from the fact that each shot will get a grade, and results posted on mytrackman.com. It holds your practice sessions accountable and keeps you engaged and focused to really dig deep in your practice sessions so you're able to get the most out of them. Practice like you play.  

Knowing Your Swing and Shot Shapes

With the help of TrackMan, you can know what your swing shape is when your are hitting it good, or bad.  this can help to prepare for a round.  It can help make necessary changes and prevent unnecessary changes.  It will make you confident and it will allow you to know the best shot shape for your swing.

College Recruiting

If you're in high-school and are looking to play division 1 college golf, you're going to get left behind if you're not using TrackMan. College Recruiters are very interested inwho is putting up the best numbers in a TrackMan Combine, so they can be confident they are getting great ballstrikers to coach.  It will need to be a part of your recruiting videos and resume.

Develope your skills


Develop your skills, not your swing

  Most people practice to get better at golf, you must practice to improve, but not all practice is equal. It can take months of hard practice to make a change in swing technique and implement it on the golf course. Changing a swing is changing a habit and is hard, and for some golfers, necessary. But we have all seen the person with no real technique that anyone wants to copy, score great on the course. It can be frustrating when you know your swing is technically better than that person yet they beat your score most of the time. Most of the golfers I see practicing, are trying to improve their swings, with the goal of improving ball striking to lower scores. While improving technique can improve those things, a more effective way to practice is to improve your skills with your current swing, only changing technique when it limits your skill. The skills I am talking about can include high, low, hooks, and cuts on demand, but what I think is the single most important skill in golf is, hitting the center of the clubface. No real secret is it? But do you practice hitting the center effectively? I am guessing not. How can we do that? I like to use foot spray from the drug store to coat the face of my driver, or irons if hitting off a mat. This gives me a clear imprint of where I am hitting the ball on the clubface, and knowing where it is happening is very important when trying to change it. My most favorite and used skill improvement drills that I use with my students, is placing tees of pieces of tees around the ball. I put the ball down, and put a tee just on each side of the ball as wide as the clubface, the point is to hit the ball without hitting the tees. If the tees stay put, you can be that you hit the ball in the center horizontally on the clubface. If you hit the toe, the tee closest to you will move and if you hit the heel, the tee farthest from you will move. You can get better at this with your current swing, therefore making your current swing more efficient. Another tee drill to help hit the center vertically on the face and improve the bottom of your swing arc, is to put a tee 2-3 inches in front of the ball and you are trying to hit this one. You will find a better hit when your club hits the ball and the tee in front. Both of these drills will improve your skills with your current swing and be much more efficient practice, simply by focusing more on the interaction between the club, ball and ground, these will improve your game much faster. Please visit one of our great PGA instructors in Charleston to help you improve your skills.   

Hit your best wedge shots


Shallow Angle of Attack

The best wedge players of the game take little to no divot in their pitch shots due to a shallower angle of attack.  Think of an airplane landing a plane.  If you have access to a Trackman, a good angle of attack is -5, this will create a situation where the sole of the club is in contact with the ground longer while creating little to no divot. 

Lower Launch

The right angle of attack and loft will create the right spin to create long term consistency.  The club with the highest loft will not necessarily spin the most.  You must find the club that gives you the most optimal loft of 40 degrees, that is where the highest spin rates are found.  it could be your 52, or maybe your 58?  Finding that out will help you make these shots easier.

Higher Spin Rates

Is the club face clean? Not just the grooves but the face? Once we get the angle of attack down and a 40 degree loft on our pitches, we must make sure we have no interference with the face of the club, not just cleaning the grooves but the entire face is important.  Unless your have sand on the face, keep it, it helps with friction and will help with spin rates.

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