Add trackman to your event!

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Give participants something to talk about, give sponsors more exposure for the sponsorship.

Trackman events

Let TrackMan Capture, Brand and Share your Event

Adding the presense of TrackMan to your event or client day will really create a lasting memory for guests.

Branded Reports

A fully detailed email report containing a personal thank you message from the event host and sponsors logo will go to all guests participating.  Let them know their clubhead speed, launch angle, spin rate, carry and total distance as well as down the line and face on video of their golf swing.

Give your guests the full PGA Tour experience

Your guest will see their TrackMan data, the same data displayed each week on the PGA Tour.

Available to event organizers and PGA professionals

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Memorable Events


The customer reports will be emailed to all the participants immediately after the event, while still turning in their scorecards or awaiting awards. The reports are sure to be a subject of conversation at the event, while the reports can be sharable forever.  This is great exposure for your sponsor, continued exposure after the event, much more so that the usual tee box signage.    


Your Trackman event sponsor will have their logos on the event reports which will be linked to their website or wherever they chose, they will also have the opportunity to have a message on the event email with an optional attachment. This attachment could be a voucher or coupon or a simple picture.

Grow your event!

The hardest thing about events is getting the players to return and bring new players and getting those sponsors each year. PowersGolf gives you an opportunity to add something special to your event for the players, they will recognize the trackman numbers as they watch the PGA Tour players each week.  This also gives an incredible opportunity for a sponsor who will get much more value than a tradition tee box sign sponsorship.  

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