US Kids golf top 50 instructor

After one year of implementing The US Kids Learning Program at The Charleston Municipal, I was chosen as one of on the Top 50 US Kids Instructors for 2017.  That is thanks to all of your children participating in our programs.

I would like to continue the growth of the programs each year.  That means will will have to have more than 120 kids particpate in 2018.  This year I would also like to see more mastering of each level.

In 2017 we had 34 kids master level one, 7 kids master level 2 and 1 kids master level 3.  My goal for 2018 in to have more than 120 kids enroll in a program, with 40 kids mastering level 1, 20 kids mastering level 2 and 5 kids mastering level 3.

We already have more sessions available to everyone scheduled for the year, heres to a great 2018!

US KIDS golf learning program

US Kids Golf

 The U.S. Kids Golf Learning Program is a proven method to introduce golf to young players. The program becomes more difficult as players advance through each of the three levels, and the Level 1, 2 and 3 booklets provide the framework for both coaches and parents.The booklets provide instruction and examples of forms and skills, and each level has checkpoints in five core areas: Putting, Around the Green, Full Swing, Knowledge and Scoring. As an incentive to advance through all the levels, players earn an achievement pin each time they complete one of the checkpoints. In order to pass each level, players must play nine holes from at least 1,500 yards and meet the scoring requirement.

US Kids Golf After School Learning Learning Series at The Muni

The US Kids Golf After School Clinic Series is a series of (five) 90 minute clinics meeting over 5 consecutive weeks designed to get you through levels one, two or three of the US Kids Golf Learning Program.  The Learning Program is a ready-made and proven curriculum that features three levels of instruction booklets. In each of the three levels, players learn five core skills: Putting, Around the Green, Full Swing, Knowledge, and Scoring.     Instruction led by PGA Master Professional Boykin Powers. Weekly Instruction will include:  

  • Introduction and Putting Fundamentals
  • Around the Green
  • Full Swing
  • Knowledge
  • Scoring

US Kids Golf After School Series - Summer / Fall

Classes are limited to 8 participates and fill up in advance, please register early to secure your spot. 

US kids learning programs Registration forms


Please download a registration form for more information. email registration form to 

US Kids Golf Program Leaderboard

A level leaderboard can be downloaded below.  Scroll down to get to each level, names are in alphabetical order.  These levels are updated as of January 7, 2018.