2018 US Kids Top 50 Instructor


 Due to the tremendous growth of our youth programs, I have been selected as a US KIDS GOLF TOP 50 Instructor for another year (2018).  It is a great honor to be recognized as a top youth instructor but it would not be possible without the help of the staff at The Muni and all the parents that allow us to teach their children the game of golf.

2017 US Kids Top 50 Instructor


We have more class and camps schedules that ever, and we are participating in more of the local events and are looking forward to a competitive year in 2019.

Please see below for information on our youth programs.

US KIDS golf learning program


US Kids Golf

 The U.S. Kids Golf Learning Program is a proven method to introduce golf to young players. The program becomes more difficult as players advance through each of the three levels, and the Level 1, 2 and 3 booklets provide the framework for both coaches and parents.The booklets provide instruction and examples of forms and skills, and each level has checkpoints in five core areas: Putting, Around the Green, Full Swing, Knowledge and Scoring. As an incentive to advance through all the levels, players earn an achievement pin each time they complete one of the checkpoints. In order to pass each level, players must play nine holes from at least 1,500 yards and meet the scoring requirement. 


US Kids Golf After School Learning Learning Series at The Muni

The US Kids Golf After School Clinic Series is a series of (five) 90 minute clinics meeting over 5 consecutive weeks designed to get you through levels one, two or three of the US Kids Golf Learning Program.  The Learning Program is a ready-made and proven curriculum that features three levels of instruction booklets. In each of the three levels, players learn five core skills: Putting, Around the Green, Full Swing, Knowledge, and Scoring.     Instruction led by PGA Master Professional Boykin Powers. Weekly Instruction will include:  

  • Introduction and Putting Fundamentals
  • Around the Green
  • Full Swing
  • Knowledge
  • Scoring



Summer Junior Golf Camps 2019

This traditional junior golf camp will provide juniors with an opportunity to combine learning, fun and golf. Will follow the US Kids Golf Learning Curriculum. Each day will focus on a different part of the golf game – Full Shots, Chipping, Putting, and Etiquette (the first section of the Rules of Golf). The juniors will learn how to properly apply that etiquette when on the golf course and at the golf course. Each participant will get a gift for participating and a chance to earn pins for satisfactory completing skills challenges.


Monday - Friday from 9:00-12:00

Costs: $100 

Ages 6-13

2019 Summer Camp Schedule

June 10 – June 14 

June 17 – June 21 

July 15 - July 19 

July 30 - August 3

August 5 - August 9

US Kids Golf After School Series - FALL 2019 - Registration begins May 1.

This FALL, the US Kids Sessions will be offered twice each day, but the class sizes will be strictly limited to 6 participants. This will help us continue to provide the programs to the most amount of people, while making the class sizes smaller, they will be safer and more effective. Please make sure you sign up early to secure your spot in the desired times, as the class sizes will stay limited.  Cost is $80. Registration forms are at the bottom of the page.


Ages 6-10

5-Aug – 2-Sep        Mondays                  5:30-6:30  

6-Aug – 3-Sep        Tuesdays                  4:15-5:15     

7-Aug – 4-Sep        Wednesdays          5:30-6:30

8-Aug - 5-Sep          Thursdays              4:15-5:15     

16-Sep - 14-Oct    Mondays                  5:30-6:30       

17-Sep - 15-Oct    Tuesdays                  4:15-5:15    

18-Sep - 16-Oct    Wednesdays          5:30-6:30  

19-Sep - 17-Oct    Thursdays               4:15-5:15     

22-Oct - 19-Nov  Tuesdays                   4:15-5:15   

23-Oct - 20-Nov  Wednesdays           4:15-5:15   

Ages 8-12

6-Aug -  3-Sep        Tuesdays                  5:30-6:30    

7-Aug -  4-Sep         Wednesdays         4:15-5:15    

17-Sep - 15-Oct     Tuesdays                5:30-6:30    

18-Sep - 16-Oct    Wednesdays         4:15-5:15    

24-Oct - 21-Nov    Thursdays              4:15-5:15

Advanced Players Sessions

5-Aug -  2-Sep           Mondays               4:15-5:15    

8-Aug -  5-Sep           Thursdays             5:30-6:30    

16-Sep - 14-Oct       Mondays               4:15-5:15     

19-Sep - 17-Oct       Thursdays             5:30-6:30    

21-Oct - 18-Nov      Mondays                4:15-5:15  

US Kids Progress Tracker for Spring 2019 Sessions - 5/3/19

US Kids golf Participants progress through January 1, 2019

Click on the appropriate session to see how your child is progressing.

US Kids Progress Tracker A-D (pdf)


US Kids Progress Tracker E-K (pdf)


US Kids Progress Tracker L-Q (pdf)


US Kids Progress Tracker R - T (pdf)


US Kids Progress Tracker U-Z (pdf)